What Are Some Key Safety Features of Impact Doors and Windows?
Impact doors and windows from Advantage Impact give you and your family peace of mind by providing extra security against the elements as well as intruders. Whether you live in Palm Beach, Broward or Miami-Dade County, Advantage Impact can install the right combination of impact doors and windows that will provide your family and your home added protection from hurricanes as well as extra defense against break-ins. The solutions we offer have been engineered and designed to meet the most stringent code requirements that will protect your home from hurricane-force winds and flying debris. They also provide safety measures to guard against burglars, intruders and home invasions.

How Do Impact Doors and Windows Save Me Money?
Advantage Impact only installs energy efficient impact doors and windows that can save you money. With the extra protection provided against the elements, your home owner’s insurance premiums can be lower than without them. Because our products use a heavy duty, multi-chambered design, you save on your energy costs by reducing your energy usage 12 months a year. This means your investment can result in up to a 30% to 40% reduction in your FPL monthly bills. In addition, installing impact doors and windows results in an increase in your homes value. You save money now and add value for the future.

How Do Impact Doors and Windows Compare to Plywood, Storm Shutters and Windows?


Storm Shutters



Heavy and difficult to install

Difficult to install

Working on ladders can be dangerous

Working on ladders can be dangerous

Offers protection only when installed

Offers protection only when installed

Seals home with no view

Seals home with no view

Utilizes valuable storage space

Utilizes valuable storage space

High winds can blow them away

High winds can blow them away

Fails object penetrate testing

Fails object penetrate testing


Vinyl Window Frames

Aluminum Window Frames

Fusion-welded Frame

Mechanical Frame

European Bevel Frame/Contoured Frame

Flat Frame

Fusion-welded Sash

Mechanical Sash

Double Strength Tempered & Laminated Glass

Standard laminated glass

Double actions self-locking sash locks or Dual Cam locks for added security

Clamp lock - Inferior locking system

Lap-Lock Meeting Rail

No meeting rail

Heavy duty block-and-tackle sash balancers for durability and easy smooth operation

No balance system

Dual lift handle on top and bottom rails or Single Rail for finger-tip ease of operation

No Rail or Flat Rail - hard to operate

Contoured Extruded Lift Rails

Mechanical lift rail

Sealed multi-chamber extrusion for strength and energy efficiency


1" Insulating Glass Unit

Non insulated glass

Weather stripped interlock with dual seal sash to frame


Super Spacer

Non existent

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