Green Saves Money and Helps the Environment

You don't have to believe in climate change to save money and improve your home's environment. With impact doors and windows from Advantage Impact you and your wallet will benefit in a couple of ways.

  • You qualify for energy tax credit by installing hurricane windows and doors.
  • Studies have shown your windows can consume over 40% of a typical home's annual energy consumption, saving you money every month

In the last ten years the state-of-art manufacturing techniques create windows that are twice as energy efficient and today's products are 40% more efficient than those manufactured to just common building code guidelines.

Like Sunscreen for your Home and Furnishings
Our windows filter out 99% of UV rays. This makes them proficient at shielding and protecting your home's furniture, carpets, artwork and drapes from fading by blocking the sun's harmful rays. Our selection offers you a variety of high-performance glass option with choices of tints and Low-E coatings that will reduce solar heat gain and assist you to better manage your energy costs.


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